We will add more information as the State DHSS releases it.

Changes to the Missouri Medical Marijuana Program and NEW rules for Adult Use. 

These changes took effect December 8th 2022.   

Update - We should start seeing products for sale for recreational use in February 2023.
Update- Patient licenses will not be grandfathered into a 3 year license. 

Medical Card Holders

Changes for Patients

-Registration every 3 years instead of every 12 months

-Decreases cultivation license cost to $50

-Decreases increase amount recommendation from 2 to 1 physician/nurse practitioner certification

-Increase purchase limit to 6oz every 30 days

-Increase possession limit to 2 months’ worth or 12oz (18oz for cultivators)

-Adds protections for parolees and family court

-Increases number of patients 1 caregiver can have from 3 to 6

-Increases cultivation license use in 1 area from 3 to 4

-Removes the residency requirement to get a patient card

-Adds purchase of seeds and clones at a dispensary

Non-Medical Card Holders

Adult Use

-21 years of age or older

-Need to prove age at dispensary (no residency requirement)

-3oz possession limit

-Purchase limit 3oz at a time

-Up to 15% more in taxes

-Adds purchase of seeds and clones at dispensary

Non-Medical Card Holders

Adult Use Home Cultivation

-Annual registration with fee of $100

-21yo or older

-Same plant count as medical 6-6-6

-No more that 2 grows at the same residence

-Excess of 3oz must be kept at private residence in a locked space not visible to the unaided eye